The Telltale Signs Your Evaporative Cooler Needs Maintenance

Easy Steps To A Better Cooler

Feeling warm even when your cooler’s fan had been adjusted to the highest speed? This may be a tell-tale sign that your evaporative cooler requires maintenance. Not to worry though – maintaining an evaporative cooler is a fairly easy task if you have the right guides. Your evaporative cooler will need to be serviced about twice per season. or when it does not function at optimum levels.

How Can You Detect An Underperforming Evaporative Cooler?

If you constantly think that your house or room is not cool enough even when your cooler is running on the highest speed. do not immediately assume that your cooler has broken down. This may occur due to the size of the cooler. In fact. the cooling area for your cooler is proportional to the size of your cooler. Thus. always check with the retailer for the correct cooler size. Also. replace the cooler with more water pads or bigger fans for better performance.

Water pads are critical parts of an evaporative cooler and therefore need to be checked and changed occasionally. Clogged filters will prevent optimum water absorption therefore decreasing your cooler’s performance.According to manufacturers. increasing the frequency of changing your water pads will improve the performance of your cooler.

You may also drop a water treatment tablet into the cooler’s tank. Treated water means cleaner water. The cleaner water will reduce the formation of debris and sediment on the water pad. mccoy cooler

Additionally. cooler fans that are not blowing the way the right way could be caused by reasons such as V-belts that are too tight or low amperage. Sometimes during operation. you may observe that there is a slow flow of water to the water pads. This is a sign of a clogged filter. as filters need to be washed frequently to get rid of the corrosion.

A Step By Step Guide For Basic Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Cycle

First. shut off the power and water supplies before anything is done. Next. remove the water pads and check if they are in good condition. Replacement of water pads can help to increase the cooler efficiency significantly. You may also want to clean up the side panels. water tubes and water tank in the cooler to eliminate soil. sediments. debris or even salt. formed over a long usage period. Biocide or a vinegar and water solution are great to be used for thorough cleaning.

Then. check the water pump to ensure that it is clean and debris-free. This is important for proper water distribution. Remove the tray at the bottom of the cooler. wash it and check if the tray is in proper condition.