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Los Angeles is best known for its entertainment in the whole world. As the capital of the tribute bands in the USA nobody can cast doubt on its potential and great talent. A large number of these tribute bands started as mere side ventures of local artists which eventually turned out as fully equipped entities in the music industry. The list of tribute bands in Los Angeles is endless and it is not easy to spot the best. For the lovers of the 80’s music, here is a rank of the best of bands worth a live performance check.


  • Totally-80’s


This band mimics the 80’s celebrities like George Michael and Billy Idol in its performances. It creates a special mood of festivities when playing the music of some famous 80’s groups such as Police and The Cure. In addition, it provides its own emcees and DJs making it ideal for weddings and dinner parties.


  • Hollywood stones


This band rocks by touring all over America making tributes of the 80’s era music. Stones fans are willing to bet that this is the kind of band that surpasses Hollywood standards.


  • Knyght Ryder


Knyght Ryder has this energetic wave when it comes to playing the most favorite 1980’s hits. Its die-hard fans are never tired of its most thrilling Friday night performances.


  • GayC


This band performs in a humorous mode. It has the most audacious characters you will ever find in a music group. The members of this band are so creative in their outfits that match any party theme, as well as being sassy as they sing. 833 angel number


  • Black crystal wolf kids


This was the very first tribute band to play indie rock music. It is such an amazing performer for those who love independent record labels. Actually, it was intentionally created in order to eliminate the discrimination against indie rock.


  • Radio Rebels


This group from Southern California is best known for rolling in the 80’s Rock music. Its music endowments and professionalism in the execution of the performances are acclaimed. For any type of event, the Radio Rebels will elevate the audience mood to peak levels.


  • Flux Capacitors


It is a band that takes pride in playing the current hit songs and the favorite 80’s hits back to back. What could be more fascinating than bringing the past and present themes in a play? Fans can’t help but give credit to Flux capacitors