Make Your Websites Back Office Work For You

It is important to remember when you get an ecommerce website that the back office system does everything you need it to do. A back office is the backend area of your website where you can go in and make changes, add text and images etc. I will discuss below some of the main features that you should have included in your back office and your ecommerce store to make editing your ecommerce website as easy as possible. Also making sure it’s easy for the website visitor to use.

Page Edits.

This main feature may seem like a feature that should be build in as standard, however you would be surprised to learn that many back office systems don’t even give you the ability to edit your pages. This feature should let you edit and add an unlimited amount of pages as you never know how big your website may become. If you have an ecommerce store this feature should let you add products and images easily as this will be the main function and you will spend most of your time in this section.

Multiple Currencies

If you sell your products globally this is an important feature. The ability for the website visitor to change the currency when viewing your products is important; this allows them to see the price in their native currency.

Search feature

If a customer can’t find the product they are looking for a search feature is essential for them finding your products. If a customer can’t locate what they are looking for quickly then they will leave and you will loose out on a sale. This can also be an excellent way to find out what your potential customers are looking for. By analysing the search data you can discover what the customer is actually looking for which is great for marketing research. 오피


Newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers. If someone buys from you they are more likely to buy from you again. Not everyone goes online every day, however, people do check their emails many times on a daily basis. So this is an excellent way to market your target audience.