Bare Naked Backlinking

Backlinking is a common practice to increase your site’s page rank and is most commonly used for niche marketing. Niche marketing, if you are not familiar, is where you target a specific topic and find a handful of target keywords, after doing a little research, in which to try to rank your site on the first page of Google and other search engines.

What Backlinking Was…

As of the beginning of 2012, good backlinking for high Google rankings was getting as many backlinks from as many different sources as possible and using your keywords in the anchor text. What this did was tell Google what your site was about and which keywords to rank your site for.

This backlinking method worked very well… almost too well…
You could literally create or even pay someone to create a ton of backlinks with a single keyword in the anchor text and you site would be ranked well for that search term as long as it had more backlinks than competing sites. 백링크

In an effort to cut back on spam and people’s ability to manipulate search engine results, Google made some changes to their algorithm.

Best Baklinking Practices Today

For this discussion I am going to focus on Google since Google is the #1 search engine…
Google recently released an update called the Penguin update.

In this update, Google placed more importance on the content on your site and less on the backlinks pointing to it.

Backlniks Are Still Important

But, those who used backlinking services were greatly penalized as well as those who had mostly or all backlinks with keywords as their anchor text.

So, if you had sites that dropped in ranking suddenly, don’t freak out… like I did…
Instead, give Google what they want…