Are We Poisoning Our Children With Food?

Most of us were brought up with the belief that disease is caused by external things. Few people know that germs can only ‘germinate’ in a dead and toxic medium or environment. Parents who see their children go through one infectious illness after another are especially concerned about giving their offspring every possible protection against infectious diseases. Immunization seems to be one way of safeguarding their children’s lives. If their child still happens to ‘catch’ an infection, antibacterial or antiviral drugs are generally considered the best treatment option.

Being so used to blaming external pathogens (disease-causing factors) such as bacteria or viruses for an infection, not many people even consider the possibility that their health problems may have something to do with the food they eat. Could it really be possible that children (and also adults) who suffer from repeated infections are, in fact, only reaping the consequences of being poisoned by such unhealthful products as soft drinks, ice cream, chips, processed chocolate products, candy, ‘light’ foods, ‘fast’ foods, processed breakfast cereals, frozen meals, canned foods, and bottled salad dressings?

Over 40,000 different food items now occupy the shelves of modern grocery stores. Ninety-eight percent of them have nothing to do with what nature intended a human being to eat. Our digestive system has no way to make use of foods robbed of their natural, intrinsic life energy or manipulated and processed to a point of uselessness, regardless of the wonderful ingredients listed on their product labels. If foods are made in a laboratory, as most of them are, you can no longer consider them food. Instead, they have turned into poison. With their immune systems impaired by large amounts of these man-made, acid-forming foods and the chemical additives they contain, children barely stand a chance of fighting off the normally harmless germs that are part of our natural environment.

The situation is worsened if children haven’t been breastfed long enough to build up their natural immunity. Many infants are still being fed commercial formulas, and these contain rancid (oxidized) cholesterol which results from the milk-drying process. The solid foods that most mothers introduce during the first year of a baby’s life are generally sterilized during the canning process, resulting in a total degradation of their original life force. Rancid fat/cholesterol is a cancer-producing substance and the cause of many diseases, including allergies. Several years ago, the British government discovered that nine brands of commonly used infant formula contained potentially harmful chemicals. Formula made with cow’s milk is a product that has been chemically altered in a laboratory. The same applies to both soy-based and protein hydrolysate formulas. There is nothing natural about these foods. Just imagine what feeding lifeless, factory foods to human infants must do to them! How many infants are regularly seen by doctors because of various illnesses? Giving formula to a baby poses a major health risk, particularly because his immune system has not yet fully developed, leaving the infant unable to defend himself against these chemically altered, unnatural foods.

The food that most closely resembles breast milk is coconut milk. Many people in tropical parts of the world have raised healthy children on coconut milk when breast milk was not an option. Unless raised on breast or coconut milk, nearly every child will suffer from some ailment or another.

In addition, an entire cocktail of contaminants and noxious substances may be present in a child’s drinking water, as well as in the indoor and outdoor environment. These may easily suppress the just developing immune system of the child, making him susceptible to a whole range of illnesses. All of this has a great influence on how well a growing child will be able to navigate through the many physical, mental and emotional challenges he may have to meet in his life. russian food store

Today’s younger generation is sicker than any generation has ever been before. Schools and colleges feed our children cheap, low-nutrition foods, and the situation at home is not much better. Many diseases that used to strike only the adult population are now commonly found among young people. Would you have believed even 25 years ago that hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and obesity would one day be as common among children as they are today? Childhood obesity increased from 5 percent in 1964 to about 20 percent today – and it is rising. Children spend an average of 5 to 6 hours a day on sedentary activities, including watching television, using the computer, and playing video games. Today’s children are bombarded and brainwashed with well-crafted TV ads from fast-food chains and other purveyors of high-fat, high-sugar meals and snacks. When one totals the sugar intake of the average American, including refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, the shocking intake is 142 pounds a year, or roughly 2 ½ pounds per week, according to a report by CBS Broadcasting on June 17, 2007. This figure has risen 23 percent in the last 25 years and is a major cause of soaring rates of obesity and diabetes. Children make up a large proportion of the sugar-consuming population.