5 Steps To Organize Up To Thousands Of Mind Maps Easily

The more mind maps we create, the bigger the pile of mind maps we have. I don’t know about you, but this is something which is a limiting factor for many people. They use a mind map as a tool to have a better overview, and they end up having all these mind maps which may even tell them less.

The same of course applies to note-taking, to-do lists, etc. When you create too many overviews, you lose track of your valuable information.

Fortunately there is a cure!

It works in every situation and you can start applying this right now. Here it is:

Organize Your Information mind mapping

Yes, I know you probably think: ‘Of course Arjen, that is something which will help. Only I did that and it didn’t work…’.

I guess you didn’t do it long enough and do it the right way then.

I firmly believe we can accomplish (almost) everything we can imagine. If it wasn’t for the thoughts and inventions of many people before us, we would still walk around naked…

The only thing many successful people do, which is different from what the average person does, is that she/he sticks to the plan and makes sure the goal is reached. The same applies to getting organized.

Right now, you will receive a simple yet effective 5 step approach to organizing your thoughts, dreams, notes, ideas and information using a Master Mind map.

Master Mind Mapping

A master mind map is a map that shows you all your information on a certain topic in just one simple visual overview.

Right now, I want to make sure you start to create your own master mind map. Today we have a look at how you do this on your computer. Any visual mapping tool can do this for you. It doesn’t matter if you are on a MAC or a Windows computer.